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E-mail marketing and branding are vital to any business in the internet age, and though you may pay for the service, there is little cost in terms of product and no postage, unlike traditional mail. An eye-catching subject line can entice the recipient to open and read on, perhaps even forward to other contacts.

E-mail marketing can also provide more direct access to those in the media business. By sending a media release directly to an e-mail address, rather than having a letter routed through the company mail room, you have a better chance of having actual reporters, editors or producers reading your material and them getting your brand to the public.

Popular e-mails, such as those with helpful tips or a joke included or with the potential to go "viral" due to an embedded video, can circulate beyond a small geographic region to go worldwide. When marketing circulates this way, it can make the longevity of the message and your brand last for years. Consider, for example, how often you may receive the same set of jokes or warning about a household product (maybe one that has long-since changed the perceived hazard) in e-mails that have been forwarded to dozens of other people.

In e-mail marketing and branding, each of those people is a potential customer. It is through forwarding that a targeted marketing campaign can spread beyond its demographic and make your brand universally known.

People say, "The Internet is forever;" the same can be said of e-mail.
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